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Global Jellies and Gummies Market Data Survey Report 2015-2025


Jellies and Gummies are candies that have a hard sugar shell with a soft center. There is a clear distinction between a gummy and jelly candy. Gummy candy, as the name suggests, has a gummy texture. Not quite like chewing rubber bands or calamari, but certainly more elastic than any other soft candy. Since gelatin is the only material that gives that texture, by definition, gummies are made with gelatin. Jelly candies are solidified using carbohydrates, not proteins. So, a jelly bean center is usually made with corn starch. Other jelling ingredients are pectin, tapioca, and potato or arrowroot starch.

The global Jellies and Gummies market will reach xxx Million USD in 2020 with CAGR xx% 2020-2025. The main contents of the report including:

Global market size and forecast

Regional market size, production data and export & import

Key manufacturers profile, products & services, sales data of business

Global market size by Major End-Use

Global market size by Major Type

Key manufacturers are included based on company profile, sales data and product specifications etc.:




Giant Gummy Bears

Perfetti Van Melle




Goody Good Stuff

Jelly Belly

HSU FU CHI (Nestle)



Wowo Group

Major applications as follows:

Consumer aged under 14

Consumer aged 15 to 31

Consumer aged 31 and older

Major Type as follows:

Traditional Jellies and Gummies

Functional Jellies and Gummies

Regional market size, production data and export & import:


North America


South America

Middle East & Africa

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